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AmanithSVG | SVG rendering library

based on the fast & light AmanithVG SRE engine

Getting Started Licensing

AmanithSVG is a high performance native software library that implements fast rendering of static SVG files on top of OpenVG API, developed by Mazatech

Cross Platform

AmanithSVG is written in ANSI C++, it doesn't depend on third party libraries with the exception of the C/C++ standard library and a modified version of PugiXML. The package comes with precompiled binaries for Desktop: Windows, OSX, Linux and Mobile: iOS, Android, Linux, QNX platforms and supports x86, x86_64, arm, armv7, aarch64, ppc and mips architectures out of the box.

Lite and Versatile

AmanithSVG is designed with rendering speed and easy integration in mind. It's particulary suitable for games and multimedia applications. AmanithSVG bindings for LibGDX and Unity game engines, as well as bindings for C# and Java scripting languages are opensource, free and available on GitHub.

Source Code

In order to satisfy all the needs to have total control over the software, the complete AmanithSVG (along with AmanithVG) engine source code is always available as a licensing option.