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AmanithSVG SDK

As a first step, in order to use AmanithSVG, you need to download the SDK by following these steps.

Lite vs Full

AmanithSVG exists in two different versions: Lite and Full. Both support the same platforms/architectures and the same API. The difference between the two lies in the license, and in some limitations of the Lite version compared to the Full. Specifically, the Lite version does not support the following SVG elements: <linearGradient>, <radialGradient>, <pattern>, <image>, <mask>, <filter>.

AmanithSVG Lite

AmanithSVG Full

TierProject’s Budget/RevenueDesktopMobileDesktop + MobileSplash-Screen
STARTERUnder 100k150€300€350€-
BASIC100k - 500k600€1.200€1.500€-
STANDARD500k - 2.5M2.000€4.000€5.000€-
PREMIUMOver 2.5M6.000€12.000€15.000€-
- Project’s Budget is intended in Euro, and it is the total expected development cost at time of the project’s commercial release or publication. This includes all payments for wages, contractors, running costs, licensing and hardware/software purchases.
- Desktop includes: Windows (x86, x86_64), MacOS X (x86_64, Apple Silicon), Linux (x86, x86_64).
- Mobile includes: iOS (x86_64, Apple Silicon) and Android (ARMv7, ARM64, x86, x86_64).
- INDIE Tier is available for independent developers only, not for companies.
- The mandatory Splash-Screen for INDIE Tier must be visible during Project startup for at least one second and may not contain any other product logos.
Get License

Licensing FAQ

What type of commercial use is excluded?

AmanithSVG licensing as described above does not apply to:

To license for these, or any other applications not listed, please contact

How long is the license valid for?

The license is valid for the life of the Project, provided that all requirements (in terms of Project’s Budget/Revenue) continue to be met.

How do I evaluate AmanithSVG Full before buying it?

You can access the builds by signing as INDIE.

Are there any royalties or other recurring fees?

There are no recurring fees nor royalties.

Is it possible to get access to AmanithSVG source code?

Source code is available on PREMIUM tier for an additional fee, if you are interested please contact